Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6 years

six years ago today, mike and i sat at pizza plus in hyrum eating greasy pizza and the most amazing cheese bread. (probably not the most figure friendly meal to eat when i had to fit in a wedding dress the next day. don't judge.) i had to go to logan to pick up my wedding dress which meant we were in the same town with an hour to spare before i had to help set up for the reception and before he had to set up for the luncheon.

it was kind of surreal sitting there. it felt like we shouldn't have time to be so relaxed--just the two of us enjoying a quiet dinner the night before our wedding. i had a similar surreal feeling the next morning as we sat together in the temple: can this be real? and i've had the same feeling so many times since that day six years ago. how did i get so lucky? how is it that this is my life?

in those moments, i say a prayer of thanks to God and tell my husband how wonderful he is. without getting too sentimental, cheesy, or cliche, i just have to say that i never imagined being married would be this great.


Shannon said...

Love this! Happy 6 years!!

jess bahr said...

Happy 6 years to one of the cutest, most genuine, and inspiring couples I know! Hope you get to do something fun together today!

J. said...

Congratulations on 6 years!! You guys are such a lovely couple! Always love to read your posts.

Jen Jarrett said...

YAY!!!! Perfect Post! Congrats to you guys! Perfect couple and such amazing and wonderful people!!!!

Julie said...

Congratulations to the both of you!

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